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Shrimp predicament :O

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Why hello there,

So initially I bought 12 RCS and placed them in a breeder net in my community tank because I decided I may as well get them and chuck them in there with some hornwort while my 2.5 gallon cycles (should be a week or so). So I bring them home, acclimate them, set up the net etc so now they are in there happy as can be crawling on the sides picking at edible material getting blown around the tank and stuck on the net.

Now, I have two concerns, first being would the conditions in the net be fine if there is a good amount of flow going through it? I have heard of people having issues with a build up of ammonia etc causing fungus on the shrimp which isn't too good, however the water appears to have good circulation so I'm not sure if that cancels out the chances. Secondly, three of them are berried! This is good news in that hopefully the population will start quickly however I feel as though the shrimplets will be too small and squeeze past the netting to become delicious fish food. What would you guys suggest I do? I am contemplating using the foot of a stocking over the box since the holes are so fine on them however I don't know if this will compromise the flow so much as to make the water too stagnant and develop a build up of toxic chemicals.

So, what are your opinions?

Cheers and thank you!

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