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Fish rescue

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wayne z on this forum house burnt down and is looking to offload his fish due to safty reasons in the house

he has 2 tiger oscars 25 and 15cm

1 x silver dollar

1 x jag 25cm

1x common pleco

if you have any further questions please just give him a call as he has no internet

contact number is 0433918311

pick up will be in regents park

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Just got to a computer, I'm not sure if the fish are going to survive unfortunately.

I pretty much lost everything in the house, some wooden furniture is ok but everything else either burnt, has been scorched, covered in ash and soot or wet after all the pipes burst and the fire fighters pumped water through the roof.

Its been a difficult couple of days, out of my african tank I lost 15 out of 20 fish, they would have died from the heat, smoke and ash :( My friend rescued the remainder and put them in his tank. I can't find anyone to take the bigger american cichlids.

There is no water running so I cant put fresh water in, as much as it pains me I've just had to leave the other tank there with the fish inside, I'm staying on the sunshine coast now, I'll be back on Saturday to start the clean up process and move the remainder of my things. Hopefully the fish survive and I can re-home them.

Thanks rocky1988 for putting the message up for me.

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