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Dude, These Are Awesome!

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Coral Gobies

I've kept them before cool Gobies

But can sometimes strip coral when they are looking to lay eggs

They can also irritate some corals by always purchasing on them

Very true mate just two hours ago by coincidence I got a stag out, had to break off its growth area to get it out and the goby in it I gave it to my blue ring, dam thing was striping my smallest blue stag.

Beautiful coloured fish, but I should have known better,again!!

It's been well over 20 years since I last made the mistake of bringing any home.

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[MENTION=3166]liquidg[/MENTION], you fed that cute little fish to a blue ring octopus?????? How could you. :hurt:

I feed it anemone shrimp and peppermint shrimp mainly, the other day a clown fish, but pretty much anything.

It sounds bad but I am afraid the ocean, though beautiful and is a place that I am in aw of, is totally about kill or be killed and more or less most aquarium species are food chain species out there any way, its just the way it is, in my tanks as well.

After some years you feel that the 4 foot barracuda and the 6 mill thor shrimp are all essential part of all marine life, no so many cuties any more, but I must admit one of the two can do some serious damage to you, I had a kuda wack me on the back last year, that sort of thing dirties your wet suit for sure.

Now the fish in question can not easily survive with out the coral to live in and it was striping mine, there is no where else for it to live at home as it would be killed where ever it was put and hobbyists are not allowed to reintroduce marine life to the ocean from our aquariums.

I don’t give the blue ring any thing live from me, it does hunt what I put in there but when “I” feed it, that is always frozen first.

It was similar to this one, the green and orange are a very common variation up the sunshine coast.


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No lilly they live more or less 100 percent in acro stags, in the ocean that is, so the soft corals would be fine.

Many of the ones you see in the shops the coral was destroyed to get them out or at least dislodged and lifted out of the water and shaken over a net.

There are better ways to get them out with out any harm to corals but it is time consuming and some operators would see that as losing money in that time taken.

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