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Not a Betta but - Trichogaster labiosa (Thicklip Gourami )

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It seems there are no separate threads for Gourami's

So anyways - I recently did a pet shop run looking for a pair of Thicklip gourami's , Just the original striped wild form .

All I found were the asian hybridised colour versions - created by croosing with dwarf / snakeskin / honey and variuos other species .

Not interested Sorry !

All I wanted was a pair of (what used to be common ) Thicklip gourami's

Do the wholesalers not stock these any more ?

Am I the only person who prefers their fish prettymuch how they came out of the wild ?

Has anyone else had issues finding the unmodified wild version of some species ?

Just a note I found this with Angels too .

/ whinge

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