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what u think of this a.... Pseudotropheus socolofi ????

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hey every one stripped down my kinsizie grow out tank today to start breeding them and sexed them all and came across a fish in the batch that was not a kinsizie.... in fact the fish that in the tank was same shape but had no black bars or dark blue under its gills.... just had a black--blue markings on it fins... i have been trying to google different sorts of fish like this and found this witch looks execatly like it...


has any one seen these around before,.. the person who i bought the batch of didnt have any of these guys there thats why i thought it may have been a cross breed with some thing.. let me no if u have seen these before.. or could it be a cross breed.. will try post up pics on my little guy tommorow....

cheers mark

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Very interesting, I have bred almost a thousand of these fishies, and they are breeding in a tank with neon spots, fronnies and yellows. No crossbreeding particularly with scolofi, but I also have noticed that there is variation in the babies. I have also noticed that there is an incredible swing of males to females, females being significantly lesser in number. When juveniles, the females I have noticed lack the distinct barring of the males and can have a yellow tinge which also disappears with age, the females becoming more and more like distinct males. Some of these girls show no barring. The parents I have are only a generation from the F1 brought into the country, and most of the good KS out there are from the same blood line.

I have also noticed, as with similar fish (demasoni stripes, ZPLF stripes, frontosa etc) there is variation in stripes and a very very occassional mottled pattern in the species. I take extra care to ensue that these are humanly disposed of.

See how it goes, if it is one of these 'variants' come for a drive and Ill gladly replace it with at least a couple of good big girls.



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Ps. Socofoli is the scientific name for a pindani.

great fish, kept by LOTS of aquarium hobbyists.

also, it is very possible that they would cross with pindani, and i have to agree with frenchy :

The problem I see is that if these fish came from the same parents & meant to be Kingsizei yet look different amongst each other is not a good sign.

Can you post pics up of it?

would be easier to tell what it is.

other than that, it may just be a variant of the kingsizei.


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