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African clear out

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Hey guys clearing out my Africans to convert to marine.

Have 7x tropheus kaiser Ikola. Unknown sex, 12 months old between 8-11 cm approx.

Looking for $150 OBO. These guys are constantly trying to breed.

2 x frontosa Moba. Unknown sex, 12 months old approx 10-13cm. Looking for 100 for he pair

1 F1 blue dolphin. Believe its a male. Looking for $20

4 x brichardi, unknown sex, between 4 -6 cm. have bred before. $20

2x electric yellows, unknown sex, between 4-7cm. Looking for $30 OBO

2x crimson tides, bred multiple times with old male that has since passed away, both about 6-8cm, looking for $20

2x gold spot Pleco, approx 7cm each. Looking for $50

1 bristle nose catfish, approx 10cm, $25

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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