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Fat fish, Skinny Fish.

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So I've been looking at other peoples Bristlenoses on here, and I've come to the conclusion that mine are far thinner than many I'm seeing on here.

Mine are growing well, they have grown quite a bit, getting longer, but haven't gained the bulk that I've seen in many fish on here...

Dunno if they're meant to have such bulk. The breeder I bought my initial 4 from didn't have bulky looking Bristlenose, but the breeder I recently (Today) bought 9 Bristlenoses (Planning on growing them up and just keeping the 2 best looking pairs) from had rather thick set looking Bristlenoses, that were a bit on the shorter side.

Are they like people in that there are Longer, thinner ones and shorter, more thick set ones?

Some I've seen here seem out of proportionally wide (In their frontal half) compared to mine.

Just curious?

Maybe their like dogs, in which they take on the attributes of their owner if their owner cares enough for them? Would explain the long skinny look mine carry.

Don't get me wrong, they certainly don't look underfed, they just don't look so wide in the upper half compared to some on here.

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