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I read an interesting question on one of the topics here today.

It asked "Why do you need a Pleco?"

So here's the question I pose to all of you... why do you have Pleco's/Bristlenoses/Corydoras?

Are they simply to be algae eaters? Janitors of the tank?

Or because there's big money in some of the breeds?

Or because you think they're a cool fish?

I'm in the 3rd category. I saw them swim around in a friends tank one day, and fell in love with common Bristlenoses. Since then I've acquired a small few. And am attempting to breed some. Being algae eaters was just a huge bonus! They've been great with the Betta's, Guppies and Swordtails I've kept.

Don't be afraid to answer honestly, I've gone into L144's before because they can be worth big money when bred and older, and I fell victim to my own incompetence and inexperience and was left with a lonely single one. I've learned my lesson, I need to take my time, and I think I'll stick to the hardier ones, for a while at least.

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