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Fs: ro unit used but lots of new replacement cartridge

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Got this for project but since deciding to discontinue, no longer needed this. I bought this 2nd hand a few months ago but just tried to connect parts and pieces together - i dont even know what im doing. Left it and didnt touch it. Its now have algae and rust as its outside on the wheater. Have a container full of spare parts and cartridge. Selling as is, dont know whats in there. If i remember correctly this is an aquasonic model. After $199.95 (negotiable as long as you can honour your commitment/appointment - NO TIMEWASTER as I have one this week) and pick up only. Cant be tested so you need to know what you are buying.

big white filter on the right of the icb is NOT included. Cartridge are still on original plastic wraps. Cartridge containers are clear - don't know if glass or acrylic, but sounds like glass when I tap it. Lots of pipe connectors and tubes. Sell as is, might just say selling as parts.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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