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My little hybrid cutie.

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The two fish in this first pic are firstly a quite large temperate species of amphiprion called a latezonatus and the other is a tropical species called a clarkii, both from a trip a couple of years back.

If it weren’t for global warming, this would not be possible.

Things are getting quite weird with the ocean off SEQ, no, more so very bad!!

Over the last 15 to 20 years the waters around here have changed so much that it is remarkable and so quite sad.

I don’t think this has happened before, but these are parent clownfish in the next pic.

This is just one positive against the many negatives as our waters before our very experienced and knowledgeable SEQ divers eyes, turns to s—t.

These are the hybrids folks.


The little guy just past two years in my tank now and survived the power outage from the Auz day cyclone of 2013.


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