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What to add to my 6x2x2?

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Hi all,

Picked up a large tank two weeks ago and consolidated all my other tanks into one.

The tank has masses of caves and hidey holes, but given its size, it also has a large open space for free swimming including in the upper section of the tank.

I have Mbunas for the most part (full list below). As such they tend to hug the rocks and the bottom

I was thinking of throwing in a blue dolphin male to cruise the upper layers. Will he work in this tank?

Alternatively, I was thinking a group of 3 or 4 peacock males might work too. Will they swim the upper levels like the dolphins do? Peacocks would add some great alternate colour in my tank.

Full list in tank at moment

Flame backs (1m, 3f)

Black acei yellow tail (1 m, 1 f definite, others unsure)

Cobalt blues (1 m, 4 f)

Melanochromis interruptus (2m, 4 f)

Elongatus mpanga (5 not sure of gender)

Tropheus (1 only. Came with tank and seems happy enough so I've kept it)

Rainbow shark ( a family favourite from my days with more traditional tropical s)

Bristle nose (1 female.)

Thanks for any advice.

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Some yellows ?

The female interruptus are bright yellow. I thought there might be some con specific aggression issues if I threw in some electric yellows. Not sure though. I also think they'll hang in the rocks like the others.

Thanks for the advice though.

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Hey bud heres a list of fish i have in my 5X2X2 display with next to no aggression

6 Eye biters

5 Polystigmas

40 or so electric yellows

20 + Electric blues

20 + german reds

5 Petrotilapia chitimba bay

colony of Chimoto reds

Couple BN

Tangerine peacocks

Bi color peacocks

Red fin kadangos

Cuckoo catfish

And a few others just make sure theres plenty of places to hide

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Keep in mind tho Haps are the bigger species so just be carefull adding heaps of them as to mbunas

Will do. I think I'll be ok with peacocks. I'm still mulling it over and keeping my eye out for fish too. Interestingly, the dynamic in my tank has changed so there is far more free swimming now so getting the upper level fish is becoming less necessary.

Thanks for all the advice guys.

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