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What to go where?

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So I have a 6x2x2.5 Ive been meaning to set up for quite some time but really unsure what to put in it. Its either going to be my 2 festae or my planted display with around 50 fish.

Festae because i would like them to breed some day but not sure if thats going to happen any time soon as my male is around 4cm smaller than the female, yet they are the same age. They are in a 4x2x2 with 2 featherfin cats and a 34cm albino pleco which im trying to sell.


Planted display because its looking a little cramped and having more space to fill would be good fun, not to mention i was thinking of adding my ghost in there (not sure if its wise). These are in a 5x2x2 and set up was a bit rushed so starting over would be nice.


Sooo Festae to go in the 5x2x2 and transfer my community tank to the 6ft?

or Festae straight into the 6ft and hope for the best?

She is my favourite! haha


If the plants go in the 6ft im changing the FX5 to an eheim pro 3 2080

Please help me decide!


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The 5x2 will be enough for the festae, once they start breeding you wont be able to have anything in there with em.

imo you want the male to be slightly smaller, so you might have success sooner than you think. Be aware though that once any breeding starts, you'll probably have to seperate them, so get some egg crate ready.

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Thanks goneself,

I thought I had an advantage of him being smaller but she still chases him half the time. Her being full grown I can only wait til he gets a bit bigger to face her I suppose. And yea intend on getting rid of the tank mates.

Are dividers always necessary with festae? I didn't think it was a real issue especially with them being together their whole life and her being the larger aggressor.


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