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Hi new here and would like help identifying species

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Hi guys new to this sight and looking to get involved I have been keeping a tank with rainbows , purple spotted gudgeons and fire tail gudgeons anything I catch in the creek that flows through my property at Daguilar. I have caught the fish below this is the second one and it's not native and would like to know if anyone can identify it for me. Also if this is not a native and a population is growing is there a authority that should be notified so this fish doesn't cause a problem down the track like the carp has? baru6yhu.jpg6ahu8a8a.jpg

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Brasiliensis are native to Brasil, South America. They are not an Amazon cichlid, but are found in coastal rivers to the South of Amazon river, all the way down to Uruguay. The southern populations come from areas with a similar climate to South East Queensland and Northern NSW, and as such should easily survive a S.E. QLD winter. Some populations are also found in the tidal zones of rivers and as such can survive in brackish and saline waters.

They are not a true Eartheater either, but are a something akin to a link between the Acara family of cichlids and the Geophagus family.

Currently they have been found as far south as the Tweed river and as far north as some Sunshine Coast creeks. There may be other populations that I am unaware of. This is another species that can decimate native populations.

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You are correct pk333.

Thomas Weidner (2000)

You will commonly see 'Geophagus' written in quotes like this because it doesn't represent the other Geophagus species. The true Geophagus species are those of the Geophagus altifrons, Geophagus brokopondo, and Geophagus dicrozoster types. The Red Hump and Brasiliensis group of 'Geophagus' will eventually be assigned to their own genus.

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