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Perfect yellow

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Have a few of the top grade males and other females , he just has the best traits for breeding, only using females of equal quality to mix with him.

I have had yellows from all over the place, local (north QLD ) brisbane , sydney ,melbourne.

I am happy with Dfishkeepers line of yellows probably some of the best line bred yellows in the country.

when i mix this stud with some of Dougs stock they will be some VERY nice yellows .

he's doing his job well keeps a couple of females with mouthfulls .

and the colony i have of Dougs is ticking over nicely producing fry.


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I think I have to go see dfishkeeper

You can find me here :


He is a very nice male, Mark, I'll be keen to see pictures of the progeny when you breed him with some of my girls :)

Cheers, Doug

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