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Fluval fx5 and Texas holey rock FS

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Hey guys

So I'm converting to marine and need to clear out some of my components to the aquarium.

First to go is the Texas holy rocks. Would like them sold in one go however can split up if needed. 3 pieces for 350 OBO, paid 650 only 10 months ago. See picture.

Next is the fluval fx5 10 months old also. Comes with media and all fittings and hoses. Looking for 3-350 post-1183-14711630062669_thumb.jpg

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I have had a lot of saltwater tanks over the years......... and its rare a day goes by when I dont discuss the marine aspect of our hobby with people.

But I dunno if I feel comfortable saying I am a guru.

Thats a label I reserve for people like Julian Sprung, Eric Borneman and Chris R. Brightwell.

That said, I am happy to help where I can. I am a firm believer that if you nail the basics with a marine tank, and have a realistic stocking plan for your equipment capabilities....... then it aint hard to have a beautiful marine tank that will repay its initial cost many times over with longterm sheer enjoyment.

Its also one of those chances in life, to stand back from something you have put together over 6 months and just be totally stunned at how awesome you are.

Creating a reef takes a while, it requires thought and patience. Asking questions and researching the answers you recieve. Trying to think ahead to the end product you want, and then back tracking, and working out which quality equipment will let you create that. Saving and buying equipment thats up to the task, and not going to let you down. You dont want to buy things twice if you can avoid it. And most importantly you want to avoid drama, as that defeats the game. You dont want water on the carpet, or a return pump failing, or to rush your stocking and have to water change daily lol.

To create something of beauty requires thought, planning and cash

Time spent thinking and planning, is rewarded with drama free, low effort reefing.

But only if you invest in equipment thats up to the task.

Why bother with so much effort?

Well, because its worth it.

Srsly there aint much in life that offers such a sense of accomplishment and pride in your own work.

Every little task you do, accumulates into something momentious!

Something others will stand in awe of..... spittle dribbling down their chins as they sway hypnotically in time to the wavemaker.

Feels good man.

Anyways, sorry to interrupt your for sale thread like that.

I still think this excellent texas rock would make great base rock in a tank, once its covered in coraline those shapes could be very interesting in a hardscape...... that and buying the same amount of live rock will likely be a fair bit more expensive.

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