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Fish Survey Training/Teaching Workshop

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Hey Guys,

My parents are members of the the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) and said that some of you native freaks may be interested in this. I do not know what costs are associated with the event. I believe it's free for members of the various Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN), but if you are interested you could email the address below and find out if you are allowed to attend and if there is a cost involved.

The Animal Ethics Project Permit application has been successful! We haven’t received it in writing yet but have been told at the beginning of this week that it’s through. We are now waiting for the official written seal of approval. Once we have that we’ll pass it on to Fisheries because only then will the General Fisheries Permit be processed. All of this should be happening within the next few days. In the meantime we continue to plan for BCN’s

Fish Survey Training/Teaching Workshop

Saturday, 9th Nov 2013

8.00am till 1.00pm

(morning tea and lunch included).

Location: Cubberla Creek, off the Akuna Ovals (We’ll meet at the CWCN Centre, 47-57 Hepworth St, Chapel Hill (see attached map) and move from there. Should for reasons only the Weather Gods understand this section of the creek dry up too, you’ll have re-arrangements announced before the workshop.

What happens on the day?

Dr Rajesh Prasad, aquatic ecologist will guide us through the day, explain procedures and requirements. We will place bait traps, use dip nets effectively, learn how to identify fish and macro-invertebrates and also good sampling sites, conduct water quality monitoring and general creek health assessments, learn to use forms and follow animal ethics guidelines and much more, all to help the catchment groups to do their own fish surveys. CWCN will provide their own bait traps, dip nets, Horiba device for water quality monitoring, and containers, buckets, trays, ID charts and whatever else is needed on the day and will have forms printed and ready for you to use.

Don’t wear your best gear, if you have gum boots, bring them along. If you have a little stool to sit on while you identify the catch, that would be helpful too. Otherwise, wear protective clothing, sunscreen, hat…..

If you have never done it before, a fish survey is not only a very interesting activity, it provides an opportunity to learn about local (especially aquatic) fauna and also flora, about creek conditions, aquatic and riparian habitat health, and it will help to guide your rehabilitation efforts. Fish surveys are also great for catchment group team work, and they are fun!

Please spread this urgently among your members and have them RSVP to cwcnmail@tpg.com.au for a spot in the workshop.

Best wishes

Jutta Godwin


Louise Orr


Brisbane Catchments Network

0439 024 400

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