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long arm shrimp and fresh water crabs

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ok, thanks Donny ..even though they are well fed, the big long arm shrimp has taken down fish already...including a German Blue Ram (much to our disappointment) :(

I think we'll see how it goes for a bit...otherwise we can always feed him to the fronnies :)

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Mate if you ever feed them to fronnys, hand feed them.

They like them so much, it rapidly tames them.

Might take a dozen feeds before they realise that its the bold fish that gets the prawn.

but eventually one will.

I like having frontosa that take food from my hand, makes them a more interactive pet.

Those longarms have tiny pincers but they are quite sharp.

I had feeder tanks with lots of them in them when I had the octopus......... and they would get in some aggressive exfoliation on my arms when I cleaned the filters. I quickly learnt to feed them first!

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