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Regal Angel fish survival rates.

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I am interested in getting a regal angel but almost everything I read, and most pet store owners who I speak to say they are hard

to keep because they are difficult eaters. Popular opinion is they starve to death.

Alternatively I also like the purple mask angel but have heard similar stories...

Has anyone had any success and could offer any advice.



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Kept both and use to collected one of them as well.

Blue mask? Centropyge ventustus or something else?

I had one many years ago, back when it was not a valuable fish and I knew an importer very well, the dam thing started eating my corals and clams, the summer of 83-84 killed that tank anyway.

Just be aware they come from deepish waters and like our local latz they do not like UVR content in lights and potentially develop cancers if the lights are not basic leds and the one you get might have been bent at collection and may die any way.

The regal needs coral flesh in its diet to live usually, that being said I had one for ages and it didn’t need coral flesh, but I collected it as a youngster myself.

With shop bought regals I wouldn’t get one, the stress from collection, wholesalers tanks, transport, shop life is quite intense for a high-strung diet sensitive fish such as these.

If in doubt and want to try it out, give it a try as I always did, but with mine they were always free!

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Thx to everyone for their thoughts.

I will hold out until my tank is much further along and I have invested in more equipment to maintain water quality.

Can anyone recommend a supplier that may be able to get me either of these.



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emperor at 1:40

emperor at 1:25

aww yea

you jus got Paul roll'd

but srsly Cairns Marine can likely get, which means you could get Pet City or Nielsens to order one in for you.


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Or you could try the types of angels I have in my bottom tank,a lemon peel,a coral beauty an imperator and a conspicillatus. All tolerate each other quite well.

It’s not that hard to get large angels to retart their growth size and speed and attain full adult colour quite small and live far longer then normal!

I knew a guy in Melbourne with a imperator at full adult colour at a tiny size and at 10 inches it was over 35 years old back then.

The last time I did this was over twenty years back with a conspict and a semicirculatus for ten years.


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