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Can anyone identify what is wrong with my fish

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I need help identifying what is wrong with my cichlids, they have developed red sores and are dying lost 4 so far with a few i can see following.

i have done a 50% water change, and a 20% water change a day later all seemed to be going fine today so i didn't buy anything then 5pm shops closed then they all start dying again.

i have talken photo's of one of the living fish and one of the dead fish.

test reads ammonia, nitrate, ph, nitrite?

Can someone tell me what i need to do to save the fish?





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I cant actually match those colours to the actual tests.

Is it high range pH?

You need to label them.

Or just put the results for each test up.

Could be ammonia, nitrite or pH contributing.

But it does look like a nasty bacterial infection.

Added any new fish to the tank lately (including feeders)?

What meds do you have on hand?

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OK my guess is about

ammonia 1ppm

nitrite 0.1ppm

nitrate 20ppm

ph 7

Sound about right?

Any idea why ammonia is high?

Have anything to raise pH?

protozin is likely not going to be much help unless its a parasite under their scales. Pretty unlikely.

I'm thinking maybe an external bacterial infection that has managed to do some damage....... low pH may be lowering their immune system a bit.

Gotta be careful raising pH though, if the ammonia is as high as 1ppm, it will become more toxic at higher pH.

Theres a good chance its been caused by the dead fish.

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what would you suggest to cure the infection as i would say 10 fish are currently infected 2 im thinking about removing and 4 already lost.

Myxazin would be my first choice.

Plenty of treatments for bacterial diseases, so if you cant get that......... look for things sold to treat finrot ect

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At this stage you need to treat the tank.

Do try to remove any fish that are too far gone to make it.

Why is the pH so low?

Are you using rainwater?

If you can water change using tapwater (dechlorinate first) it should lower ammonia levels and raise pH.

Its something you can do now, until you get meds.

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Could this be the case of overfeeding and not enough water changes? Little ammonia, low PH (or maybe fluctuatiing PH), Conditioned fish (more food = more waste), not enough water changes ( water will deteriorate), Large rocks means pockets of detritus which does not get cleaned = Stress. Which can drop their immune system and knock them around, it can and will usually lead to secondary infections such as this.

Just a theory?



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