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Sump with skimmer and filter socks!

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Sale includes:

- Custom build sump measuring 1300mm L x 430mm W x 470mm H

- Skimz SM201 skimmer

- 2 x 7 inch filter sock holders and 6 x 7 inch filter socks at varying thicknesses

Details on the sump:

This sump was custom built by Mike (cichlidwife) Details can be found here -> http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/6ft-x-2ft-x-2-3ft-tank-build-journal-custom-stand-sump-36421/#post214868

Custom build with a skimmer/reactor section (575mm L x 410mm W) followed by a bubble trap and a refugium/live rock section (450mm L x 325mm W) then a heater section (570mm L x 80mm W) and finally the return section (220mm L x 325mm W).

8mm sides and base with 6mm baffles.

There is a baffle between the heater and return sections to ensure if the pump runs dry the heater stays in the water.

The water height for the skimmer/reactor section runs at 200mm or higher which is perfect for the skimmer included.





Details on the Skimmer:

It is an Skimz SM201. This skimmer is awesome, as seen in the photo it does an fantastic job. There are some tiny fractures on the side of the cup from washing it in hot water however it is only cosmetic and does not affect its performance. It has the skimz es5000 pump which pushes 960LPH of air.



Please note the heater, reactor, rock and return pump pictured are not included. These are only in there to give you perspective of the size of the sump. The heater is a Eheim 300w, Reactor is a JNS Alpha 2 and the return pump is a Waveline 10000.

Only $500 for the lot! Pickup Eight Mile Plains. Can show the sump with water in it. May deliver for fuel/toll money. Advertised elsewhere.

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