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anyone done their own DIY L.E.D lighting

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Was just wondering who has done their own d.i.y LEDS because I would like to make my own as a bit of a project. I've seen some of the ones on you-tube and they don't look as great as I thought they would look post pics if you have some nice looking ones!

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Basic Components:

Soldering iron - needs to be 48w any smaller and you will get into trouble.

Solder - Resin core 60% tin 40% lead 0.7mm is best.

Wire - one roll of BLACK, BLUE, and RED 2mm

All the above can be purchased from Jaycar if you wish.

Light components


You can buy here

1-10W LED Driver, Special Power LED items in SatisLED Store store on eBay!

5pcs 1W High Power LED Aluminium heatsink

You need one per star.


2.5 mm 6mm Long

You can purchase these from fasteners shops


Bush plast TO220

Jaycar code HP1166

You need to cut the extension turning it into a flat plastic washer

Aluminium U channel:

07500 channel 10mmx10mmx1.5mm x 3m

You can purchase this from bunnings and cut it to your desired tank length.

Artic Silver compound:

This is the paste that goes between the star and heat-sink

This can be purchased from cutter

Cutter Electronics


The ones I’ve been using are the CREE XML .

The Cutter-XML-220STR-U2 is a 20mm Star MCPCB with the U bin XML-2 Cool white.

Cutter Electronics


Buckpucks are the go here very simple to use very efficient and reliable.

You can purchase from cutter.

Cutter Electronics

You need to find out which one is best for any given situation

Power supply:

You will need 24V DC 5Amp 120Watts.

You can get these from Jaycar for $100 or me for $50 I have a good supply of these.

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thanks mate ive also been looking at rapid led but the prices are way more expensive (althought they have some nice stuff) than grubby's stuff and its pretty much exactally the same except the leds say 'rapid led' on them and cost about a fair bit more

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I went out an bought some pre- made led lights off various suppliers , at various price points and most of them do not work as claimed no reliability issues yet but some bad algae issues due to spectrum issues so If you can make lights that work properly , are bright enough ,and the right colour spectrum for less than $100 per metre of tank you are in front .

I hope you succeed - and - If you do , please post a how to with lots of photos , as you go !

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