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Tanganyikans, Tropheus

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Hey All

I will be back in Brisbane early December, and was chasing interest in the following fish. Some people have expressed interest in these fish prior to me posting them, they are pending until i have confirmations of their order.. if I dont get it they will again be available..

Prefer to meet northern suburbs.. I can bag, in an esky, or bring your own buckets, up to you.

Ctenochromis horei, 3-5cm $10 each,

Neolamprologus tretocephalus 6-8cm, $30 each, sold

Leleupi ..sold

Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 3-4cm $12 min of 10+,

Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 2-3cm $10 min of 10+

Tropheus Lufubu, f1 3-4cm $20 min of 10+ sold

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Will you ship to toowoomba

Still looking into it...Do you trust courier companies to deliver them incedent free? I have never used any, but trying to contact fastways as a few people on here have used them without issue..

Air freight to Brisbane Airport is about $60..

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i will be down in the next week or so, I have had this trip planned for a while now, there were many people intersted in stuff i had for sale, Now when its time to plan the trip, and what I am bringing, no one wants to reply to a PM. pisses me off.

I have a 9 hour trip to do I can drop stuff off and meet people on the way, I travel down the Bruce highway. My preference is to meet people Around the Strathpine area but i am willing to travel a little bit once I drop off the wife kids, and have a coffee first.. The alternative would be paying air freight and driving to Brisbane airport to collect... would be nice if others were willing to compromise.

Some people want fish that cant meet me for some reason, ( distance no car???) i will continue to try and find a way to get them too you.

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Damn......... All the Trets are on hold!!! FREE BUMP

lol there MAY be more, i think the buyer is taking them all, and he may contact you later if you are still keen on some, or there is next april to june when my fry should again be big enough.

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