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L144 Fry

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I have some 144 fry from an inadvertent spawn.

Somehow ended up with a Shortfin female mixed in with my Longfin colony.

She has bred with the male and the result was a batch of mixed fry (Long and short fin fry)

The Longfins have been shipped interstate so I only have the shortfins left.

Please be aware that if you grow these fish out and breed them with another shortfin they will throw mixed fry.

Some people have used these to strengthen their longfin gene pool.

I have counted 9 swimming around but there may be a couple hiding in the driftwood, if you take the lot and there's more than 9 you can have the extra ones for free.


No I won't take less than $10ea for them and it's $90 if you take the lot.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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