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SWAP - Red Zebra's (Pulu Point) 6-9cm x 5

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Hi All,

I have a COLONY of 5 Red Zebras that are taking over my tank. The dominant male is a terror at the moment. Didn't really want to get rid of them as they are really showing strong colours. One female is now holding.

I brought them as a group of 5 fry from JWoods at about 3cm. They now range in size from 6-9cm.

I haven't vented any of them but my guess is three males, one on the fence and a female (confirmed as she has a mouthfull).

Asking $20 for the five but would prefer SWAPS for any display males such as;

Any Aulonocara Peacocks

Any Copadichromis

Any Protomelas

I don't mind if they're still juveniles as long as they're male.

I'm trying to stock up on display hap males rather than mbunas.

Also have a couple of 5cm female Cobalts that someone can have for $10 for all three if they would like.

Fish located in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast

Cheers, Nick



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