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Bundle (Tanks, Heaters, Filters)

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Got a bit of a bundle here.

2 x small tanks

1 @ 39cml x 20cmw x 22cmh

1 @ 35cml x 18cmw x 20cmh

1 x 100W Heater

1 x 200W Heater

1 x 2630l/hr Internal Filter (Can be used as sump pump aswell, Has 2.4m head height)

1 x Aqua One 101F 400l/hr Internal Filter

1 x 4 Outlet Air Pump

1 x 1 Outlet Air Pump

Some random suction cups cleaning utensils and air hose too.

Some food and prime but I think they are both out of date now.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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