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240 planted (new aquascape)

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hey guys its aussie here and I have finally got round to uploading some pics of the new aquascape that I did last few weeks with the move.

its very similar to the last scape with the driftwood tree but moved the African fern (bolbitus) to the other side because it was getting to big, I also added about 50kg of more red river stone mixed with some eco complete to start growing some dwarf chain swords in the front section. I ended up buying some anubias nana and some nice large pieces to add to the left corner and mid ground too. I have finally found a supplier that sells rare moss and the mother of all feature plants the Madagascan lace plant that will be a feature along the side of some nice tiger lotus's :-) anyways heres some pics of the newly setup tank hope you enjoy

bose monitor speakers mounted to the lighting rail I made


the ladies by the tank, you can see that ive raised the halides by 30in off the water surface


360w of dupla power (electra combi II)


fresh 8000k 150w hqi coral blue's


fresh 6500K 24w compacts


nokia n8 (12mp carl ziess) pics below are taken with this phone and all above are Samsung galaxy s1


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