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Help with identification!

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hey guys, am new on here and a beginner with fish so please be nice.

earlier this week i found some fry in the pond out the front, the odd thing is, there has only been one goldfish in there for the last couple of months as we have just moved into the house. i found the fry when i was adding guppies and gourami's

the fry looks to be to long to be a guppy fry and has a large pointed dorsal fin almost the same shape as a perfect triangle, this dorsal fin is matched by a fin on the underside in the same position as the dorsal. there is also a smaller rounded fin just in front of the dorsal fin. it has normal pectoral fins and a rounded 'snout'. the base of the tail fin has an orange spot appearing. The tail is also slightly rounded. as well as a fourth fin just under the pectoral fins pointing straight down.

if anyone could help identify these it would be amazing!

cheers in advance!


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hey guys thanks for the help! the firetail looks like the best match. That was the best photo i could get of it.

Any ideas where they may have come from as the has only ever been one gold fish in the tank. we have been in the house for about 2 months now and have only just put other fish in there (3 days ago)


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