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Cutting Plastic Nano Tank Lid

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Hey everyone

So I have just purchased an Up Aqua Pro Z 30cm light and mounted it to my tank, only to discover that the brackets of the light stop my lid from going on the tank so I am looking for a solution.

First solution would be no lid, however I have rasboras and a mystery snail and too worried about them leaving the tank.

Next option is to cut a square in each side of the lid so that the lid fits (issue being that every time i need to take the lid off, the light has to come off.

The lid itself is only about 3mm plastic so I am concerned about cracking this when cutting it.

My original thought was to simply file away at the plastic until desired size, although might take a while. I figured was safer than using power tools though

Does anyone have any other suggestions, or any ideas that may even solve the issue of not having to remove the light to take off the lid (Maybe you know someone that could potentially made a new lid?)

I have chucked a few pictures in to show the issue




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Plastic is very hard to cut. You could try sandwiching the plastic between some clamped wood and cutting it together. This would stop the plastic cracking. Since your lid has a contour you would need to do this as 2 stages. Use a fine tooth saw or aluminium cutting blade.

Another option is to use a soldering iron to "melt" a section of lid out. Again if you clamp a small wooded template, you can trace around it with the solder iron repeatedly. Might get messy though so practice with some scrap plastic first.

Personally, I would take the light legs off and just sit it on the lid.

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it seems it might be easier to get a new lid made to size.

I am thinking of having essentially two lids, one at the back of the tank behind the light and one at the front of the tank in front of the light

Is acrylic the best option for this?

Being only a 30cm tank, I dont think glass would really be necessary.

Does anyone know a place in Brisbane North that would have the acrylic and be able to cut to size?

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If your getting a new lid then you might as well have a go at cutting the plastic one first.

Most sign writers work with acrylic and be able to make whatever you need but acrylic will sag and discolour especially under heat/light so get some strengthening ribs added if you use acrylic.

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