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Fish Junkie

Fs everything almost

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10 x 3 x 2 metal stand and 4 x 3 x 2 wood stand + sump

2 tier 9 foots metal stand + sump

2 tier 6 foots metal stand + sump

2 tier 6 foots metal stand + sump

6 x 3x2 tanks 3 tier metal stand + sump

3 x 3x2 tanks metal stand

6x2x2 and 3x2x2 on 2 tier metal stand with 3 3 x 2 on top row

All tanks running ATM with media included and LP100 + fish

Fish include

Festae 2 spawns very close to selling size

Festae large M and 8 growing about 7/10cm

Umbee male and females

Breeding pair Blackbelts

Coatzacoalcos 4 breeding pairs +

6 large Melanurus breeding

Fenestratus breeding ATM 1M 4F

Hartwegi 8 total big boys and girls

9 red snooks large

6 Severums 3Gold 3Green

1 chocolate

6 Pearsei large

Ralpheal cats 4 large

Mysis cats 4 ?

Bumblebee cats 8+

Few convicts

Few bristlenose

Breeding pair and spare girl + 2 spawns EBJD

2 large banded Leporinus + 3 small

10 large plecos

4 Large albino tinfoils 2 med normals

1 lemon barb

6 cigar sharks

1 red marble shark

Heaps of spares


Roll air line

Lots of pumps


Too much to list

No pics No splitting offer only open for two weeks

Please only comment if your serious about buying

Easy access to pick up + would give buyer plenty of time to do it

Don't care if a group buys this and splits this lot but I would like to deal

with only one person to make life easier

I insist people inspect first as it looks better working than it does on paper

$15,000 No offers this is a bargain

There's defiantly extra fish and dry goods that I've not listed

I'm happy to keep everything. I'm not desperate to sell and I don't need the money


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Extra stuff I've remembered to list

Age of Aquariums - Schego Titanium heater 600w + Nema Thermostat

These are the heaters that run most of the systems 2x 600W 2x 300W best you can buy


Trio of Freddie's

4 large breeding Angels

All sumps are full of decent media. No china rubbish

Media rings

Scoria rocks

Clay balls

Coral bones


I have a roll of white matting

Heaps of gravel in most tanks



Breeding pots

Can't remember everything deff need to view if anyone's thinking about this

Willing to hold for 6 months with a deposit while you take the systems one at a time

That way you can pay as you go


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