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introducing new fish

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before i run off and buy more fish (looking at getting more marble peacocks and possibly some maleri peacocks) i just want to know the best way to introduce new fish to an established tank.

i currently have 5 marble peacocks, 5 electric yellows, 5 bicolor peacocks, 2 bn.

the reason for wanting to add more fish is to

a. curb aggression...my dominant male is a marble peacock and its really just bullying all the fish to the point that its the only one staying out in the open and the others hide.

b. attempt to promote breeding. (plan on adding female marble peacocks)

anyway, what are the tips? should i even bother? i have read that the best things to do are introduce groups of fish and to redecorate...i can introduce a group of fish but i wont be able to do much in redecorating because i have 3 large texas holey rocks and i cant really move them around much.

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I usually put in some food and/or turn off the lights.

Seems to chill them out a bit.

If theres really serious fighting in the tank, sometimes I will put a net into the tank.

Many of my fish who are bitter enemies, immediately call a truce when a net is detected and are suddenly cool with snuggling with each other in a rock cave.....

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