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Uv sterilizers.

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Hello everyone..

I am interested in purchasing a uv sterilizer for my 400 ltr tank.

1. Are they worth the investment. My first tank, a 130ltr had a small one built in and I

never had any issues with fish getting sick. When I upgraded to larger tank with no uv I started

having problems.

2. I have been told that uv sterilizers can kill off beneficial bacteria. I have started a refugium in my sump

to combat nitrates, would this be affected.

3. What size, brand would be best for 400ltr tank. Assume money is not an obstacle.



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I recently bought a purple tang who settled in extremely well, eating well etc. Unfortunately it came down with ich 48 hours after I bought it.

It appears to be holding up ok at the moment but I would like to elimate this problem in the future.

Am I better of going for a quarantine tank or the uv sterilizer.

Also what is recommended to treat pygmy angel fish if ich is a problem.

Has anyone had experience with the Aqua Ultraviolet Twist 25w. I have enquired at a number of fish stores around brisbane and this one seems to be best option.


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Aqua Ultraviolet Twist 25w is a thing of beauty.

Buuuuuuuuuut a quarantine tank is a logic step too and a cheap one.

Cycle a filter in your sump that you can use in quarantine!

Also buy a bottle of medic.

Its by far my med of choice for white spot.

Espec on more expensive species...... that are often basically impossible to catch out of a reef anyway.

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Hi donny.

My purple tang died overnight, extremely disappointed. I also lost a pygmy angel yesterday. I was using medic but had some concerns about the effect on the angel. My water quality is excellent so I am assuming the stress of being new to tank was to much.

All my existing fish ( 4 chromis, 1 clown and flame hawk ) seem to be completely unaffected. I have never seen a fish affected this badly before

so at bit of loss. I suspected once before that ich was present but was so mild I could not tell for sure. I did however have my salinity levels at about 0.016 for a while due to my hydrometer being out. Would lower salinity over time help fish build an immunity to ich ??

I will get a quarantine tank and a sterilizer before getting any more fish. Do I add the sterilizer to the quarantine tank or display tank ???



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Put the UV onto the main tank. We dont want to mask problems with livestock in a quarantine tank.

Spewing about the medic not working in time to save the tang/angel.

Its good stuff tho, has saved me many times.

I would try maintain salinity between 1.024 and 1.027

anywhere out of that stresses the ideal filtration microbes.

Freshwater dips are IMHO better than longterm hyposalinity in the main tank.

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