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introducing new fish

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since im not getting any action in the species specific thread, i'll ask here. mods, if this is not acceptable then please delete.

before i run off and buy more fish (looking at getting more marble peacocks and possibly some maleri peacocks) i just want to know the best way to introduce new fish to an established tank.

i currently have 5 marble peacocks, 5 electric yellows, 5 bicolor peacocks, 2 bn.

the reason for wanting to add more fish is to

a. curb aggression...my dominant male is a marble peacock and its really just bullying all the fish to the point that its the only one staying out in the open and the others hide.

b. attempt to promote breeding. (plan on adding female marble peacocks)

anyway, what are the tips? should i even bother? i have read that the best things to do are introduce groups of fish and to redecorate...i can introduce a group of fish but i wont be able to do much in redecorating because i have 3 large texas holey rocks and i cant really move them around much.

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I agree with your plan, but I would also feed the fish after adding the new ones to create a distraction.

Dont add bag water to the tank, acclimatise in a bucket with airstone is better. Then net them out.

Adding bagwater to a tank is best avoided.

Consider turning out the lights, sometimes that calms them down.

Overall though, moving around the rocks before you release the new fish is a sound strategy.

Not always possible....... but a good trick if you can.

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Balls...that means ill have to replace nearly all my fish...oh well

Prob not.

A lot depends on species and size.

Besides when theres lots of boys, the girls are often less harassed than when theres just one.

The problem with more males is that if they are different species it increases the risk of hybrids.

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