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Discus or interesting fancy Angelfish

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I am looking for a couple of young discus fish. Want them to be of reasonable size an past the fry stage.

They are just for display, and not interested in breeding.

They will be living with a pair of apistos, few ottos, and 6-8 pencilfish.

Tank is heavily planted. Prefer blue strains of discus.

Pickup only in the Toowoomba area. Please pm or reply here with picture of what you have. may consider a young pair. but as mentioned, not keen to breed, only display fish.


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What colours r u looking to get? And you should have them in a school of 5 or more there's a guy on the goldy on gumtree and I can help you get rod Lewis discus if you want. Those 2 and andy have good discus, theres also a shop on the goldy, so you are spoiled for choice and quality for once.

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Bump! still looking for some discus... Sadly wasn't able to get some from chopper as I broke my collarbone just over a month ago and can't drive long distance yet.

Finally nearly healed and ready to get some fishies!!!

I'll be in Brisbane the w/e of 23 march, so can collect fish on Sunday.


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