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Whats this fish?

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ah 2nd from the right..........

I went left.


Its rather yellow but I'm going with a brichardi princess, daffodil/sunflower?

AKA Neolamprologus pulcher



Cooperative substrate brooding- a unique breeding tactic of cichlids in lake Tanganyika and characterizes the "brichardi complex" cichlid group - eight different species with the same social behavior. There is one or more representative from this group at the rocky area along the lake shores, mainly at a depth of 7-15 meters. Male and female live together for long period of time and raises many generations of descendants. Older offspring help their parents guard the younger juveniles And forming a kind of "protective zone" around the territory and thus increases the survival of the fry. The bigger offspring scattered further away from the rocky territory and used as observers on the environment against predators. If a predator attacks, these observers warn the rest of the colony, including the adult male and female. Usually, those who'll be eaten are the observers (who is not sexually active) and thus low species vulnerability affects.

Part one - substrate spawners

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Last I saw one it was in a display with a rather hungry looking redtail.

LFS just outta Lismore at summerland

Theres still a picture on their website


Summerland Aquarium

that must be a big tank. Also what is a Tsn?

edit: dont worry took me a while to figured out the sn bit im quessing thats is tail behind the jag

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