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Yesterday I went looking for a new canister filter and ended up at Age of Aquariums yet again, These guys are very helpful and fun to deal with always.

They have just started to stock the Aquael filters, I ended up buying the FZKN500 from them, they told me how easy it would be to set up from new and it was!

This one has twin inlets and outlets, twin motors and impellers, this was a real bonus for me as I can now filter from both ends of the tank with just one filter.

It came with all the media and lots of hose, it even has 2 wheels on one end of it so you can move it easy.

I will try to remember to post more about this filter as time goes on, so far this is what I have found with it

very easy to set up, even if your partner mixes the inlet and outlet hose up LOL

having it running for 16 hours so far it is very quite

I do have to play around with how I have the hoses on the tank

For the price it is very good value and a lot better value than a lot of other filters

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And another Aquael fan is born!

Quality control on their products really is top notch,

and even better if there ever is a problem, the company is good to deal with.

I look forward to seeing your updates :D

The company AQUAEL was established in the 80’s of XXth century. It was the time when aquaristics was very popular in Poland and there was a constant lack of aquarium accessories on the market. In such conditions, in the autumn of 1983 Mr. Janusz Jankiewicz – a fresh graduate of The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology – registered a private enterprise and assembled first 30 air pumps of own design on a kitchen table in a rented flat in Warsaw’s district of Praga. He packed them in a bag and walked to the nearest pet stores hoping to sell at least some of them. In the first store he managed to sell… all of them and the store owner was delighted with the unlooked-for delivery. Mr. Jankiewicz made his way back home as fast as he could in order to produce more pumps. Soon he moved from the small flat to a workshop and hired first workers. It wasn’t long before the company counted 30 employees, its machine park was gradually enlarged and new technologies were introduced. Soon new products appeared next to the air pumps: filters, heaters, aquarium sets… Today – after 25 years since its creation - AQUAEL is one of the biggest companies of its kind, employs over 550 workers, has at its disposal over 20 000 m2 of production facilities equipped with modern machines and offers over 1200 products to its clients.

Aquael Company

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