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Double Script Flowerhorn - What's he worth?

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I've been growing this flowerhorn out for a couple of years; he's in a tank with 5 big loaches - getting along ok.

I've thought about selling him a few times to make room for other projects - but I don't think the demand for flowerhorns is out there like it once was (have had him up for sale a couple of times, but haven't tried to seriously move him on yet).

What does everyone think this fella is worth in the current flowerhorn world?? What would be 'reasonable' to put him up for sale for? I know it's how much the right buyer would be prepared to pay, but??





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I meant to say before, double script imo isnt that much of a selling point. Kok, good body shape, colour/pearl then script is order of what I see as important.

Your fish Tass has a good kok, nice short face, and good body shape (from what I can see in the photos) but he's just lacking alot of colour. It could be due to lighting or it could be lack of food with natural colour enhancers.

if he had some popping red base Id pay $200+ if I was looking for a fish like that.

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