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NLS - Poop Everywhere! Hikari - Hardly Any?

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Hi Guys,

I have a tank of Africans and a tank of Americans, The Africans I have been feeding NLS and the Americans I have been feeding Hikari. The Africans poop all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME... I no sooner do a gravel vacuum and there's crap everywhere. Anyway I ran out of NLS and fed them Hikari.... well I couldn't believe the difference, it's like they had a butt plug inserted and no longer need to poop.... so much cleaner!!

So my question is, has anybody else experienced this? and is it ok for the fish?



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Only enough for them to absolutely destroy within a minute or so?

Seems about right.

Which hikari did you buy?

The sinking?

I'd consider spectrum twice as concentrated as sinking hikari, and 4 times as concentrated as the floating.

Either way I am a big fan of giving my fish something different everynow and again.

It stops them getting too fussy lol

Its been too long between pictures btw!

curious to see how the haps are turning out


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