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Here is a curious little shella.

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Something we see from time to time and it is the second one living in my top tank.

This is a semi rare scabricaudatum of the microprothema species of robust boxer shrimp.

This weird young lady usually lives symbiotically with bearded scallops, yuck what a life!

They don't care how they live, when not under threat and are reef safe.


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I doubt if the commercial collectors here would know what they are let alone know how to find them.

They are under rocks with a large flow in and a small flow out with the usual toxic sponges and hydroids at the entry to this area.

You have to go snorkelling to get them!

In the states they sell the nicknamed lima shrimp-flame scallop version as a very popular reef addition,

This mob has them but we can not import inverts.


Here is some info on the red ones, we get them here as well, but red ones are mean!


Copy and paste following words in a google search and she comes up as you scroll down and she is showing her ticked off colours while she is waiting at the glass for a feed.

Oh I put a male in the tank some months back, so he will be happy, or maybe he likes being a bachelor,lol.

If not at threat they are fine and live happily with out scallops.

Shrimp,crustaceans and pods.

They may be available here in Auz, try cairns marine!

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