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Hey everyone,

My partner and I are beginners, didn't even know how to get a internal filter going haha. We're after some freshwater fish that won't grow bugger than 10cm, don't want the little ones getting eaten. Wondering what's available and options other than goldfish for our practice tank before getting our tropical tank going.



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Google -- melanotaenia maccullochi or melanotaenia duboulayi

They would be the easiest to keep . maccullochi are a little smaller than duboulayi

or if you have a heater there are hundreds to choose from , and New Guinea ones too

My favourite is melanotaenia praecox from New Guinea

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did someone say Rainbows?

Ive got some, very small atm tho, look "here" definitely more interesting than goldfish or cichlids for that matter, oops did I say that on this forum?

Our tropical tank is about to be resealed and then get the bits and pieces like filter and heater etc. will definitely be keen to take some of these bad boys off your hands haha. Love that they're native too.

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