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Quality festae

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Quality festae available - raised on premium grade feed and ready for growth spurts in your tanks! They are just starting to hassel eachother (ie. scale pick) so time to thin out.

Pic attached + video which is set to low res quality on the juvs but they are red and will grow into nice fish like at the end of clip which is higher res :)

Help me raise funds for my next fish project :)


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no sorry mate, just juvs, but they are at the stage where they will shoot up if given space.

[MENTION=11215]zorbadundee[/MENTION] I can pick out what may be female, can't guarantee though. Yet to put a tape to them again, but they hav grown since

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Hi Peter, no brainer mate it's listed at the top post. I give it you prob. saw this via fb or bulletin so a maybe a different layout? The text size is small, could be hard to see for someone with learning difficulties.... I have to zoom in on it !

Pickup Mt Gravatt or somewhere if I am out and about and suites. thanks

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[MENTION=11215]zorbadundee[/MENTION] just on 8cm total post-6679-14711630148086_thumb.jpg

buy a few better your chances ;)

5, 6, 7, 8 cm


Price revised to $4 / cm : can't edit the post title??

[MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION] I'm not sure why the pics load up so small? i resize for fast up/download, but they are large enough in adobe when i resize them.... maybe something to do with my tablet?

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Thanks zorb for picking up the festae this arv, hope it settles in well with the tankmates.

Some are large enough to sex reasonably confidently ie. 6 cm up, so females $35, males $30 & then + some for larger sizes.

Showing nice bars, colours , good shape proportion. For a pic of the parents search for ' festas ' , parents are the first two on the pic bar.

to make it easier http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/meet-festas-87523/

'Cousin- It ' (RIP) bloomed into the sexy female in the video above, the male in the video (came from talamarsi ) is now looking sweet but still a killer : /

Fish are not related to current lfs ones , esp. the gobified one I saw today "8^]

happy hunting

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