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Hey guys, I've got a large beautiful Peppermint bristlenose - Male 15cm.

yesterday I noticed he is looking a bit pale on top.

Now I know BNC's can change their colour to match their surroundings - he lives in a white PVC tube - so it makes sense that he should be lighter, but it's really inconsistant and patchy.

Tank Conditions

about 120L for two Peppermints

Ehiem 2217 - heaps of filter, with carbon

normally really dark (a small light in one corner) - but i let some light in for photos

Ph- 7.5

amm -0

nitrite -0

nitrate -0

27 degrees C

Have a look at these images and let me know what you think. - I'm hoping it's not a sickness :(


notice how it's symmetrical?


This is where he lives - he has a female in the ceramic log beside him


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