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Sump ideas for this set up.

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Hi Guys,

I am setting up 2 new racks and would like to sump each rack, however i have never done a sump before and need some ideas/tips/advice.

Below is the rack


I only want to run one pump, to all 4 tanks, and all 4 tanks to go separately back into the sump.

The tanks are 4x2x18in (lxwxh) so i think thats about 330ltrs per tank.

Recommended sump size?

Recommendations on where to get sump made?

Size of pipe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have only ever used canisters and now i have 18 tanks, the power bill is getting a bit larger if i run another 8 canisters.

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If you want a simple efficient system, the following concept sketch will work. One powerhead to run 4 (or more) tanks. You can bury the powerhead in a bucket of media if you want an internal canister for no additional electricity cost. The less height you need to lift water, the less powerful your pump needs to be and the lower the running cost. Put whatever media you want in the overhead filter.


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That is pretty much the same as the rack I have kept.

Except I have 5 tanks and one sump.

The sump is the same size as the tank 4 x 2 x 1.5

I'm running a laguna 7500 pump which is giving some great flow for the 5 tanks.

As for plumbing I used 25mm from the pump but I should of used 32mm.

But I moved and replumbed this rack one weekend so used what I had here.

Return plumbing comes out of the 25mm bulkheads straight into 90mm pvc pipe which returns back to the sump.

Here is a pic of my rack.....


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