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bristlenose babies

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Cheers. Good to know. I was told the dad feeds them for the 1st 8 wks?

I have been giving them a few mini wafers but maybe I need to up the amount.!

Nice, Marbles are always a bit light on and not so many of them about. You just have to keep in mind when they feed that there is enough food and the bigger ones do not out compete the smaller ones for the food and they all get a good feed.
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If you remove the cave I'd leave them with dad until they leave the cave and are free swimming.

The male won't care for them for two months, he'll probably be on another batch by then (I've had some Bristlenose that spawn with another female as soon as the fry leave the cave, I have one L144 boy that's had 3 spawns in last 4 weeks).

I don't move the cave as it can take a while for him to settle back in once you return him and the cave back to the original tank.

I prefer to wait a couple of weeks after the fry are free swimming and net them out into a grow out tank.

Less disruption to the male this way, the only reason I'd move the cave is if there are hungry Cichlids that like to chew on fresh Bristlenose fry (not an issue for me as all I keep are Bristlenose).

If there are heaps of fry then I'll break a Hikari wafer up into little bits that will spread around the tank and give everyone a chance to feed. If feeding zucchini you could cut it into little chunks and feed them onto a bamboo skewer so there's plenty to go around. I'd only feed the wafers as a supplement and use Zucchini as a staple.

Keep the water changes up (10%/day) to prevent build up of Nitrate and Ammonia (which can damage the internals of the fry and cause mass drop-offs) if you're feeding heaps of fry in a small tank.

Hope that help and congrats on the spawn.

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