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Fish migration

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The problem of course is the money. There's a lot of money tied up in petrochemical industries. Money which allows them to pay scientists to find the results they want to, and bury the results they don't. I work with people who come from epa and those who've come from environmental departments from big mining companies. They all know the crap that gets buried never to be published. When the big compannies pay for the research, they also get to determine if the research gets published.

Government research isn't much better. Some of it never sees the light of day since it may work against the philosophy and economic drive at the time. Queensland of course has a current drive to increase mining to boost our economy, and also increase land development (not least of which comes from the fact the current premier of queensland has alarge amounts of money sunnk into development companies).

When looking at global warming, people need to understand its oceanic temperatures that need to be studied, not atmospheric temperatures at all. Oceans drive weather patterns on the planet. Warmer oceans means faster changes, longer warm periods, more dramatic changes in air pressure which in turn lead to more severe storm cells. Some areas get stmosherically warmer, some get cooler. Some areas lose rain completely, some get drenched in torrential downpours.

Anyone who owns a fishtank understands it takes a while to change the temperature of a large volume of water. Once you remove the heat source, it starts to cool though. It's interesting to note that despite the sun going into a less active cycle of sunspot activity (sunspots mean more magnetic field instaqbilty associuated wiht higher core temperatures), oceanic temperatures are still rising. The heat the sun produces just isn't escaping as efficiently as it used to. Correlations to land clearing, fossil fuel burning and increase in cities (metals and tarmac are great at absorbing and releasing heat that would traditionally just refelct away) are easy to see. Atmosphere and land trap more heat, oceans absorb and keep that heat, global weather patterns change. Are we contributing ....absolutely. Can we fix it? Not with taxes.

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