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Ideas for a low maintenance Budget Shrimp tank

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So I am looking at setting up a small desk top shrimp tank for someone as a Christmas gift and was looking for ideas.

I dont want to go all out so I am trying to do it on a bit of a budget.

Probably looking at something around 10 Litres (as it will go on a kitchen benchtop) but only looking to spend around 70 bucks max.

My idea was maybe to pick up a decent sized Glass Vase run a sponge filter in it with a Desk Lamp beside it for lighting.

I am just trying to work out what to put in the tank. I figured maybe some Java Fern tied to a rock or driftwood as a centrepiece and nothing else, however I am not sure if it will quickly outgrow a tank so small. I am trying to keep maintenance down to a minimum, basically feed the shrimp, do a quick water change once a week.

Seeing as Java Fern and similar do not get planted any ideas on a cheap black gravel that can be used and not purchased in huge quantities? (without it being that glassy shiny stuff - something more natural)

Does anyone else have any ideas on how to set up a tank on a small budget?


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We have at our place a glass vase with a Pair of Endler Guppies who have just spawned 7 babies on Sunday (storm day) and there is around 20 Cherry Shrimp in there with some black gravel and some Java Moss and Duck Weed. All up you could pay about 70 bux easy and without filtration!! They are happy as living together that way! Oh yeah, there is a T-Rex skull in there, great moss holder and fish cave! lol




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Ahh thats where I am sorted :-) already got some red cherry shrimp in my tank that I am willing to offload :P

So will they survive without filtration? do they simply just need the water changes? Maybe I should look at endlers too.

Where did you pick up that bowl vase from Shanoz? Pretty much the idea I am going for, but its hard finding a vase big enough. Or is it just your basic fish bowl from a pet shop? Also are you fertilising the moss or just relying on fish waste etc? I assume the natural lighting in the house is enough to keep that going strong? What is your weekly regime for care?

Donny, any chance those LED lights are on the website? or got a brand or model so I can have a look at what they are?

Cheers for the help :-)

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I actually got given this after my cousins wedding as they were on the table with flowers in........... so i ditched the flowers and turned it into the fish bowl! Yep! We have seen them at the home stores etc and also Ikea have some rad ones! I am sure you could get cheap ones from any of our sponsors....????!!!

As for regime, believe it or not, my theory is "If its not dirty, don't clean it". All it gets is natural and the room light (roof and three other surrounding tanks) and a quick couple of glasses drained or just a top up if evaporation beats me to the drain bit........ and yeah happy as and stable water!

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Sp100 would work well, I have several of the bubbilos and have yet to have one fail on me.

Which is a nice surprise, as they are certainly priced right.

Happy with the sound level too, its only a 2watt unit so I have to meditate to hear it over the bubbles.

You can always ask someone in the store to plug it in so you can hear it before taking home.

Theres always plenty of background noise in a pet shop.... so it can be hard to tell exactly how quiet it is.

But airpumps are usually louder without airline attached, so usually you will be able to just hear it.

If it sounds like a dirt bike doing donuts on your front lawn.... the salesperson will understand when you decide not to invite it into your home lol.

Anyway you can always ask, the worst that can happen is they say no.

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