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I think my betta may have fin rot, can someone please help?!?

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Recently I have noticed a change in my beta's fins, they seem to be rotting away. I Googled it and it seems that he might have fin rot but I am not one hundred percent sure. If possible could some one please tell me if he has got it and if so how to treat it?

* He also is in a 5 gallon tank on his own with a couple of plants and a heater. He does not have a filter but I do 50% changes once a week. He gets fed 6 days a week, twice on those days with a varying diet of pellets and frozen food *

Betta when I first got him-


Betta at the moment with possible rot-


Thankyou so much :)

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Looks like fin rot…..caused by poor water conditions

Put him in a small container with water from the tank….add a level tea spoon of salt to every 5 litres(salt bath)

Empty tank and clean the gravel…..do not bleach or add any chemical….just a Good clean

Set tank up again….If possible use 50% rainwater+ treated tap water….buy some ketapang leaves and add one to the tank

Get more plants, water sprite(floating) and Lucky bamboo

add some dreaded(by some) Malaysian trumpet snails….they'll eat any food that escapes him(very very easy to overfeed one fish)

I'd add a probiotic bacterial suppliment….ProBac by Aquasonic


Once tank is set up…..add him back to the tank….but NOT the salty water!

Once a day put a mirror in front of him so he spreads his fins

raise temp to 80C

He'll soon be as Good as New…;)

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Thankyou very much for the advice! But just to clarify, do I put salt in with him while he is in the small container.

Sorry for the extra question, but I am really new to fish keeping, this beta is actually my first fish.

Thankyou very, very much again! :)

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