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Africans Cichlids

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I have a pair of Blue Dolphins male 9 cm f8cm and one male Yellow Lelupi 8 to 9cm surplus to my needs. The Dolphins are near ready to breed and the Lelupi has bred.

Looking for $25 for the pair of Dolphins and $25 for the Lelupi. Now $20 for the pair of Dolphins and the Lelupi.

Ring or text 0414581593




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Thanks Theo for dolphins they will be breeding soon for sure

Lelupi is heaps better than photo I have no light in the tank and he is still in full colour just amazing strain ohh and thanks for parting with the female Lelupi as well

I should end this post now, but hey when someone gives me four different kinds of plants from his own garden while im heading out the door well it just says a lot about this person. :)

Top bloke and knows his fish and plants, keep up the good work

Kind Regards Trav

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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