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GonioPower - concentrated blend of Zooplankton

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Very interested to see what people end up feeding this stuff too.

Its used by everyone from jellyfish keepers, marine fish breeders and tunicate reefers!

Sure, its also great for Goniopora corals, and is one strategy for longterm keeping of golfballs in aquaria lacking refugiums.

But then you already expect that from the goni guru anyway.

We can never totally realisticly feed our corals in an aquarium, not exactly.

But we can simulate it.

Rather than continually flood the aquarium with food, we can instead add small amounts of highly nutritious food of the correct size and type.

Truely coral food technology has advanced in the hobby and has rapidly caught up to the tech being used in large scale aquaculture.

Looking forward to mixing some up with Bio Viv HUFA.

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