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Fluval plant Led light and 30inch tank - project

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I have recently ordered a 60cm Fluval Aqualife & Plant Led luminaire .( will be here in 10 days)

The plan is to build a low cost cheap to run plant tank .

The tank in question is a 760 x 380 x 500 high.

The filter a humble Eheim 2213 .

I have no plan for CO2

I have not as yet got a clue as to what I am going to do with substrate .

For a quad t5 CO2 plant tank I would normally do - Laterite potting mix+fertalizers(if used) then River sand .

Just not sure what to do with a lot less light and no CO2.

I want to do a clump of spiral Val (kind of a thicket) in about 1/3 of the tank with ground cover and a couple of ( Anubias or java fern not sure yet on a small 30 to 40 m log)

With Iriatherina werneri as the occupants .

All subject to change due to availability.

Tank , Cabinet and Eheim - I already have (have to pull it out and clean it up .)

It has been serving to hatch Praecox eggs on mops out in the Carport and is a little neglected .

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Here is a pic of the tank and stand in it's current somewhat grubby condition .

I belive I bought the stand ( came with a tank ) - quite a few years ago off "raycam" at Redcliffe .

Anyway I had a custom (deeper) tank made for a previous plant tank running 2 Hagen glo 2 tube lights with 4 t5ho tubes (Giesmann)

So going to see what I can do with limited light and no co2 . and hopefully not turn out a flop and fall flat on my face .


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I should also mention that I don't use any Fert's either, just natural light and LED light............

[MENTION=6434]bluebelle[/MENTION]....... do you use Flourish or anything like that in your tank??

root tablets, dry ferts; seachem works out rather expensive for multiple tanks.

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Have you looked into using common Potting Mix yet? There are a few threads on here of people who have dome just that with full step by step procedures.

Yes I have - This is not my first plant tank , but is my first lowlight , no CO2 plant tank .

For low light - I believe that a pottingmix / dirt base for the substrate may be excessive for the growth I will get . and if the organics are not consumed they produce Methane and Ammonia compounds as they decompose in an anoxic environment -

They will make horrible black smelly stuff under my sand or gravel .

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I may have to rethink one of the plants I intended using - after quite a bit of web surfing , it appears that HM the foreground plant that I had chosen , will not thrive under a light level that low .

Sorry HM = hemianthus micranthemoides

Supposed to look like the picture - But If grown in low light looks like a small straggly version of elodea .A bit of a dissapointment ( probably more to come )

I still havenot found a substrate that looks how I want it to .

Wanting a reddish brown medium sand , darker preferred rather than lighter , sort of like river sand .

I kind of have a plan in my head of what I want - kind of uncomplicated but elegant . I personally find a lot of plant tanks very busy - like an English garden . too artificial .

I am sure Mr Takashi Amano would dissagree but tastes differ.


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Yep the fluval LED look good but really dont have that much punch.

Hi donny I am the person that ordered the 2 foot fluval light in at AOA through Ben ( Red lancer - old guy)

You do not Know whent the light is going to be in ?

According to what Ben said is due on about the 22nd .

And about what is being said on the web some are singing it's praises and others it's mediocraty - no one is saying it is bad , but often ,that it is significantly overpriced

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Theres no argueing that some people are getting good results with it, because they are.

But theres sooooooooo many LED light options on the market, and this is fluvals first real step into it.

I have no doubt they will continue to get better and better.

As to the price, fluval does build equipment well these days, so you can certainly expect it to outlast most the cheaper ones on the market.

As well as the fact growing plants is not always about high bright you can make a light...... but more about giving plants the spectrum they need for photosynthesis. And they has been some sound lower wattage LED selection.

Not at work at the moment, but Ben will certainly have a better idea on the delivery date.

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