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WTB Corkscrew / Spiral Val (vallisneria spiralis)

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Gday pony-tail. Going by the pic you have put up it looks more like Val Contortionist or Biwanensis, if you find some please let me know as i am also looking for some, beautiful plant.

I have a small ammount of contortionist Val .

The picture is from a "plant" website and is definitely "vallisneria spiralis"

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The species Vallisneria spiralis included north american thin val and quite a few variants, such as contortionist val (V. spiralis f tortifolia or V. tortifolia depending which taxonomy you subscribe to). The "spiralis" part refers to the twisting of the female flower stalk not the leaf.


Unfortunately all the vals seem to flower this way so the name doesn't help much.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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